Bring Virtual Reality to your website.
An innovative view
that will turn around your business.

Impactful 360°Spheric view on your website!
One upload, all browsers. Only with "Jazy 360 VR-Web Viewer," you can fully immersed a realistic VR experience from any major browsers.
Start your web promotion within the most realistic form.


Experience​ VR on any device!
Compatible with all major browsers. (Safari · Chrome · Internet Explorer · Firefox )

※ Windows 10 (Edge/IE 11) macOS (Safari/Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Sleipnir) iOS (Default browser(Safari)/Chrome) Android (Default browser/Chrome)

Astounding 6 features!

  1. 1
    Present your website in 360°
    from mono/stereo photography to video
  2. 2
    Set the price based on the amount of video
  3. 3
    Supports VR Headsets (HMD)
    with optional configurations
  4. 4
    Multi-device compatible
  5. 5
    Social media features
  6. 6
    Google Analytics
    data provided

* For Individual Rental Plan, Google Analytics tracking code will be provided for every VR pages.

Best moments for VR

  • Introduction for sightseeing spots and tourist attractions
  • Introducing company's environment
  • A real estate walkthrough
  • Stepping inside art galleries, musuems and aquariums through homepage
  • Concerts, events, theater plays and much more, on the achievement page

Case studies

Starting your plan with 14 days Trial Campaign with 1 file (200MB) for free

360°sample movies

Climbing Mt. Daisen in 360°VR Panorama.

*Explore in 360 by moving your mouse cursor on VR video

* Please try turning around with smartphone or tablet

Climbing to the top from the hiker's helmet, allowing outdoor experience in 360°VR!

[Equipments used for shooting] RICOH THETA S/Gear360/ドローン(DJI INSPIRE/DJI S1000 * Both are shooting with a 360° camera)

Price lists

Individual Rental Plan

Your VR content page will be generated from private server

1 file
14 days Trial Campaign
with 1 file (200MB) for free
4 file 10 file More than 11 files
Initial cost ¥40,000 ¥40,000 ¥40,000
Monthly expense ¥1,500 ¥5,000 ¥9,800 For each additional
VR will‎ cost ¥2,000
Maximum capacity 200MB 800MB 2GB For each additional
VR will‎ cost 2MB

* The contract is for a period of 1 year

Complete/Full Introduction Plan

Introduce 360 VR page directly to your server

Initial cost ¥40,000
Annual license 30,000円

Pre-project procedures.

Support you from pre-project until launching with an end-to-end service provided
* The information below is only an example. Procedures may differ based on each project.

    1. 1Let's register for free trial.

      First of all, let's register for free trial.
      The free trial will be 1 file, which lasts for 14 days.

    2. 2Choose your 360° file and upload.

      Upload media file from administration page and make your page compatible with VR.
      * Please be informed that the size limitation is 2MB. If the file size is more than that's mentioned, please use video compression software.
      * 360° media file shooting/editing is provided as a separated cost. Please contact us for more information.

    3. 3Please try this service to your satisfaction

      The trial will last for 14 days. Please try this service to your satisfaction.
      If you preferred to make a contract, please proceed to the next step.

    4. 4Choose your plan

      Select a plan from the price list and send your application through "Individual Rental Plan / Complete - Full Introduction Plan" After accepting the application, we will notify you payment information.

    5. 5Payment

      After your payment confirmation, we will activate a subscription plan to your account.
      If you preferred to continue the contract after 1 year subscription, please pay annually as usual 1-year price (no initial cost).

    6. Final check
      before launching

    * When 14-day trial ends, the trial account and VR page will be deleted automatically.
    * If you decided to use this service, please choose your subscription plan within 14 days after registration.
    You can select your plan and payment method from administration page.

    1. 1Contact

      Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more details.

    2. 2First meeting・Customer interview (VOC)

      We will ask you for more detailed information (VR placement on the site, amount of VR content needed , use of our recording service, desired schedule and etc.)

    3. 3Freely choose between providing your own 360 VR file or through our service

      Please send us your desired video(s) for publishing (200 MB or less/video)
      * 360°video shooting and editing prices are seperated.

    4. 4Please send us an information of your website.

      Please send us an information of your server, FTP, as well as site management console for us to create 360° embedded viewer and viewer display template.

    5. 5Built-in viewer · Web page creation (Our company work)

      Embed the received video file into an immersive VR experience.

    6. Final check
      before launching

What is Jazy?

Co-branding between an urban renewal
IT technology of Japro Inc.
and innovative technology of ZYXW.

For years, Japro & ZXYW have been improving VR and AR applications
based on their knowledge and experience in smartphone applications development.
In 2017, the cultivation of our development have eventually established as
Spherical 360° VR technology compatible with all major browsers.
This innovation allows you to an ideal Promotion · Communication through our assist.


Starting your plan with 14 days Trial Campaign with 1 file (200MB) for free